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Error handling can be confusing in Express apps, as you can easily throw an error in a context where no one is there to catch it. Error handling in RxJS is even more confusing, since an error basically causes you to become unsubscribed from your source observables.

To mitigate these difficulties, RxXpress's operators try to catch as many errors as they can and pass them down the observable sequence, so that they can be handled in a unified manner.

This still means that you would need to manage the errors in your observable sequence, as unhandled errors will cause your sequence to be unsubscribed from your end-points.

To mitigate that, you can re-subscribe to your endpoints using RxJS's retry operator:



3 ...

4 tap(undefined, err => console.log('ERROR:: ' + err)), // --> Log the error

5 retry(), // --> Re-subscribe to the end-point



It is highly recommended to safe-guard your routers with this method on production, as you can never be too-cautious about your API server.

warning WARNING

This approach WILL NOT guarantee that all errors are caught. You still can easily throw errors in contextes that no one is there to catch them, causing a shut-down in Node.

Error Handling

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